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Jill Newman

N.D. N of NZ Naturopath

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Hi there! I am Jill Newman. I am a practising Member of Naturopaths of NZ, since 1978 actually!

That’s when I graduated from the South Pacific College of Natural Therapeutics in Auckland.

Before then I was a member of the Bernard Jensen Health Club. He wrote many health books and manuals. “The Joy of Living” was the first one I read. He inspired me to change my way of life.

I decided I wanted to visit his Health Ranch in Escondido California. My 8 year old son Daniel decided he wanted to visit Disneyland! Some how we managed to save enough to do both in 1977.

We made a 6 week trip to the USA staying with friends and visiting Disney land, Hollywood Universal Studios, and Huckleberry farm.

We also made a visit to Boston to spend a week with Anne Wigmore, known as the “Wheatgrass lady” Our first week ever on a totally raw food diet including a lot of sprouts and wheatgrass juice which we had to grow and process our selves. Daniel had fun making sauerkraut with a baseball bat! And we made “Pure Bread” with sprouted wheat mashed flat so we could make crackers over the radiators.

Next stop was New York to see the Twin Towers and marvel at the fast elevators and the view from the top. Then we flew down to Nashville to revel in Elvis memorabilia.

At last we arrived in Escondido airport where we were met by Bernard Jensen’s secretary who drove us back to the Health Ranch. It seemed just too good to be true! Because we were members of his club in NZ and Naturopathic students Bernard gave us a complimentary week’s stay with full board. We were also able to join in on his healthy living retreat week with a group of his clients. Dreams manifested! We were with the Maestro of Iridology. In fact Bernard Jensen wrote the text books on this subject. I was fascinated to learn that you could see the health state of the body as a map on the Iris of the eye. Bernard placed a lot of emphasis on the state of the intestines and the bowel. Death begins in the colon! I asked him who had the healthiest irises he had ever seen? He replied “Paul Bragg’s daughter” and showed me a photo of her sparkling blue eyes.

Bernard’s Nature curative prescriptions began with cleaning out the bowels with bentonite clay regimes and changing dietary habits.

Eat pure whole and organic foods. 60% vegetables, 20% fruit, 10% protein, and 10% grains on a daily basis. If you put every thing you ate today on a plate, would it add up to this formula?

Maximise your body’s 4 elimination channels. The bowels, 2 x a day is good.

Skin, use a dry body brush every morning before your shower. Finish with a cold one! Sweat in a sauna!

Kidneys, drink your 8 glasses of pure water a day, at least boil and cool it or use a filter.

The lungs, practise your deep breathing through the nose. Work them with exercise. Walk, run, bike. Practice yoga and Tai chi. Sing! Go to the gym. Dance! Swim! Walk barefoot on the grass or beach every day to earth yourself.

I was lucky enough to be chosen as student of the year when I graduated from the SPCNT and went back to Dr Jensen’s ranch to do a further 3 months study with him. All expenses paid again!

That meant when I returned I shared and taught what I learnt to the new students in Auckland. I ran healthy living weekends at the college. I opened my own naturopathic clinic in New Lynn. “The Rainbow clinic”. I also conducted 7 day fasting retreats at the yoga centre “Aio Wira” in west Auckland several times a year. Would you believe these are still happening now run by a live in Naturopath and yoga teacher.

In 1984 I married, sold my home and business and moved to Wellington where I produced 2 more wonderful sons. Perfect home births with me already aged 40 and 43! But it wasn’t long before I was back in practise, now the Kowhai Clinic, and starting up my health and fasting retreats again this time in Otaki.

Francis and Luke both attended Raphael house in Lower Hutt. Healthy whole organic food was encouraged. We were able to order our Purebread products through the school. Big Daddy Oats was very popular for school lunchs and after school toasties.

After 35 years of living and practising in Lower Hutt I decided once again to sell my family home and move to Kapiti to help out my son Daniel and my 2 wonderful grandsons. We now live next door to each other in Nikau valley on our 3 acre lifestyle block.

My two younger sons now live and work in Canada.

I still take appointments for Health Consultations and/or Healing treatments. I have helped a lot of clients using the Bowen Technique otherwise known as Fascial Kinetics or Neuro Structural technique. I am also a great believer in annual detox programs. In fact I am doing my annual gut and liver detox right now. This can be for 2, 4, or 6 weeks depending on your state of health.

Various herbal supplements are used along with a specific diet. Always gluten and dairy free and I recommend following the Eat Right for Your Type foods. This is where Robert”s gluten free products can be very helpful. Such as the Young buck bread and/or buns. Thank you Robert Glensor for being so dedicated to providing Pure Whole and Organic products to enhance peoples well being.

Jill Newman N.D., N.N.Z.
Kowhai Cottage
24 Eucalyptus Way
Nikau Valley
Paraparaumu, 5032
New Zealand
t: 04 589 0833
c: 021 491 902
e: jill@kowhai-hhs.co.nz
w: www.healthyhomestays.co.nz