It’s autumn – harvest time! Those of you with fruit trees may well have an abundance of fruit hitting the ground right now. It’s a great time to quickly preserve some for later use. Apples are very easy to deal with – all you need to do is peel , core and slice them, then stew them with a little bit of water, a touch of spice (I like cloves, but cinnamon is nice too) and a small amount of sugar to take the tartness off if you have the sourer variety of apples.

Cook over low heat, stirring frequently to stop things sticking to the bottom of the pot, until they are soft and mushy. You can do lots at once in a large stockpot, leave it to cool and then freeze the mix in 1- or 2-cup lots in zip lock bags. If you lie these flat on top of each other in a small baking pan they freeze neatly and can be stacked easily in your freezer. Quantities like this are great for making apple muffins – or just heat the contents and use with breakfast cereals to add some variety. And of course for the roast pork too.

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