Four Reasons to Start Eating an Organic Diet

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Four Reasons to Start Eating an Organic Diet

If you’re new to the organic diet, you can easily get overwhelmed and wonder why you’re switching in the first place. There are several great reasons you want to keep in mind when you’re switching to this healthy diet.

  • No Pesticides – If your food isn’t certified as being organic, it was most likely grown with the help of pesticides. These pesticides are designed to kill bugs that may damage the crop, so you don’t want to have it on your food. Organically grown food doesn’t use pesticides, and this makes them healthier for you.
  • Organic Growing Maintains Healthy Soil – When non-organic food gets sprayed with pesticides or chemicals, these chemicals sink into the soil. They can kill the organisms that help keep the soil healthy, and this causes growers to add fertilizers to the soil to replace these nutrients. Fertilizers have lots of chemicals and toxins.
  • Higher Nutrient Count -Organic food gets the majority of its nutrients straight from the soil, and the soil isn’t contaminated with pesticides, toxins, or other undesirable chemicals. This can lead to a higher natural nutrient count in organic food, including Omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants.
  • Higher Quality -Most people view organic food as a higher quality food because of its nutrient count. They also believe that it’s healthier for you since it doesn’t contain a cocktail of chemicals or growth hormones.

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