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Gluten free food with an amazing taste from Purebread

By Trish Watson.

I found out I was gluten intolerant about four years ago and at the time it felt like the end of the world. There was a small corner at my local supermarket, which stocked a mediocre range of gluten- free products and the whole transition into a gluten-free lifestyle was depressing.

However, since then   the market for gluten-free food has opened up and I am continuously finding new products that fit with my diet. This week I was privileged enough to try a range of products from Paraparaumu based company Purebread.

When I first opened my gluten-free goodie box from Purebread I was extremely excited to see a few products that I hadn’t been able to find since discovering my intolerance such as a Pancake, Pikelet & Waffle mix, a Big Bikkie Afgan biscuit and Garlic and Rosemary Flatties. The goodie box also contained   loaves of Young Buck and Lil’ Bro bread, a Date & Ginger Cake, a Choc Chip Big Bikkie and some Corn & Seed Pizza Bases.
I started my day with a poached egg on Purebread’s gluten free Young Buck bread. While waiting for my breakfast to cook I read up on the products in the brochures that I received with the delivery.

I read that Purebread are certified organic meaning that their products contained none of those nasty ingredients or pesticides that make some gluten free products taste great but that have very minimal nutritional value. The Young Buck bread I was trying contained Buckwheat, Coconut Oil and honey making it highly nutritional.

I really enjoyed the Young Buck loaf but from experience later on in the week I think the Lil’ Bro Whole Grain gluten-free bread is my favourite of the two. I found the Lil’ Bro bread to be more flavorsome with the same fresh consistency as the Young Buck.

One thing anyone who is buys gluten-free products will seriously appreciate is Purebread’s packaging. Their gluten free breads come in a bread bag just the same as normal bread would not vacuum packed, making it easy to keep fresh without having to use a container or extra bag to maintain.

Being the sweet tooth that I am I was straight into the Big Bikkie’s and the Date & Ginger Cake. The Afgan Big Bikkie was like heaven on earth, it was so good I had to check that it was really gluten free before I finished it. The Choc Chip Big Bikkie and Date and Ginger cake were much the same having that ‘normal food’ taste.
The Pancake, Pikelet and Waffle mix reintroduced me to waffles and it was a glorious reunification. I served my waffles with mixed berries and maple syrup and I quite possibly could have eaten them all day. They were light and fluffy and tasted just as I had remembered them.

The Rosemary and Garlic Flatties I shared funnily enough with my flat mates all of whom are not gluten free. We shared them with a range of dips and they loved them just as much as I did showing just how great they do taste.
The Corn & Seed pizza bases were the perfect size for a meal for one and the nutty flavor tasted great after being toasted in the oven. The bases also reheated really well making them good for lunches and afternoon snacks.

My overall experience with Purebread products was awesome, I was told to be as critical as needed but it really is hard to be with food that tastes this great. To have something that fits my dietary requirements while tasting as I remember ‘normal food’ to as well as being certified organic and sustainable I really can’t fault it.

I will definitely be buying more Purebread products in the future, especially those afgans! It looks like ONLINE is the way to go.

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