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Nourishing, Gluten Free Food that Actually Tastes Good

If you’re gluten intolerant your options are now less limited. We’ve worked hard to create a unique range of products that are fresh, nutritious and taste fantastic. Purebread’s Gluten-free range makes life without traditional bread normal!

Your simple brief for us was to produce tasty products that don’t fall apart.

We met this brief by mixing good ingredient combinations with slower production methods and a commitment to using real products not product replacements.

Baking gluten free products allows us to be even more creative and to throw in some exciting and highly nourishing alternatives to wheat flour. We use things like buckwheat, rice and corn flours to create our delicious range of loaves and pizza bases, mixed with ingredients such as seeds, coconut oil and honey to enhance the taste and texture.

We combine these ingredients with our traditional baking techniques and we deliver fresh to stores in resealable bags, so you know you’re getting the freshest product every time. Our gluten free products are light, moist and tasty and completely gluten-free!

We’re proud to say that many of our gluten-free products are also certified organic by BioGro.


Why Certified Organic Food?

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