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Caring for the environment means giving back and by working together both you and Purebread can make a difference to the future health of our planet.
Our commitment to sustainable programmes is exemplified through the many national and community groups we sponsor including schools in the Garden to Table programme and many Enviro schools and Kindies.

Get Kids Growing with Organic Seeds

Your Children can change the world with Purebread’s nationwide Organic Education Programme. The education of the next generation in areas of organic gardening, food, sustainability and healthy living is part of our belief in an amazing future.

For every pack of Organic Pizza Bases or loaf of gluten free Young Buck you buy, Purebread will donate a sachet of seeds to an organic education programme for a kindergarten, primary school or Te Kohanga Reo. It is one small way we can help protect our environment and ensure a healthy future for our kids.

Let us do it for you just like you would at home. People have been making bread for centuries using time-honoured techniques and we’re taking their lead.

Recycle Your Granola Bags and Sponsor a Tree

Partnership is what we are all about and in 2010 Purebread partnered up with schools, councils, landowners, other businesses and you, to promote tree planting in our communities. The Trees for Survival programme uses Purebread Organic Crunchy Granola bags, recycled by you, to nurture young seedlings with inspiring results.

Our first batch of over 150 seedlings grown in the Crunchy Granola Organic Muesli bags were a huge success and were presented to Waikanae School in September 2010

Paraoa Bakehouse supports three local Kapiti Coast schools directly by contributing half of their signup fee for the programme – $300 for each school. In addition, we encourage our customers to send us back their packs of Crunchy Granola Organic Muesli and an extra 25 cents for every bag returned goes towards participating schools. The bags are then handed over to Trees for Survival for seedling planting, a handy way to recycle the bags and a great base for young seedlings to grow.

Please send us back your Crunchy Granola bags so we can plant even more

The Kiwi Diary

Because we also need food for our minds… Purebread  supports the Kiwi Diary every year; this beautiful annual publication is  New Zealand ‘s only proudly homegrown diary, designed to celebrate Kiwi creativity and culture!

It combines the usefulness of a diary with all the beauty and inspiration of carefully-curated art, poetry, articles, and tips on sustainability and inspiration.  Every year content from up to 80 contributors forms the most inspirational 260 pages you will find anywhere!

KD distills kiwi creativity in all of its forms into an annual zeitgeist.

By supporting Kiwi Diary, we’re supporting the community, and helping to spread ideas for creating the kind of world we all want to live in.

Looking forward to the 2015 edition!

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