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The validity of our ‘clean, green image’ is still in debate, yet our National Tourism Board continues to promote us along those lines (‘Pure NZ’) and the success of the campaign can be taken as proof that people appreciate and want to live (some, albeit temporarily) in a glorious, abundant land, rich in nature and diverse in its ecological structure. So surely such a ‘pure’ country is one that most natives would be proud to boast?

But accepting certain standards of industry has forced us to compromise our expectations of what our country has become.

Areas of dense forest and flora are bulldozed to make way for ever expanding townships and the highways tear through lush bush like a sharp machete. But since this is the age of development, it is understood that without the infrastructure our economy would be flagging. However, the issue is not how we can stop this country progressing but the picture we are in a position to draw as we advance.

The philosophy behind Organic Farming is to produce healthy foods while protecting and enhancing the environment. And in consideration of those intentions, The Green Party has committed to make half of New Zealand’s production Certified Organic and the remainder in the process of conversion by 2020.

It aimed to have 10% Certified Organic by 2005…

Chemical Pollution and Genetic Pollution are, in effect, working against those aims. Chemical Pollution includes toxic pesticides used by non-organic farmers and Genetic Pollution is the veritable definition of Genetic Engineering.

So if the production of Non-Organic food (and other farmed goods) is not ecologically sustainable, it means that the production of Non-Organic food is to the detriment of the face of this country.

Plusthere are a host of health concerns relating to Non-Organic foods, which make the consumption of it even less appealing. Studies have shown that there are strong links between the rise in allergies andcontaminated food, not to mention the increased risks of developingcancer.

So for those of us who are proud of our magnificent land and wish to ensure it is clean and green, the solution is simply to select organic produce. We have an esteemed opportunity to support the farmers who are working to validate New Zealand’s International image while complimenting the benefits of a healthy diet.

Anything less than the high standard defined by the green tick of tiakina is a compromise, which we no longer have to make. Allow yourself to enjoy all that is pure.

Source: Faye Pearson 

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