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A word from Baker Bob

Welcome again breadboard readers,

Please check out our new improved organic products, now available online to better serve as an organic store. Very happy to hear of any products you would like to see as well so please ring or flick me an email.

Someone pointed this link out to me recently about what happens in our bodies after having a coke... [Click here to see] Scary to say the least, which makes this bit of news even better...

We have got the go ahead to be a Good Buzz Supplier and will start with Lemon and Ginger and Feijoa flavours.

I love this product so of course certified organic, low sugar and naturally fermented. A live cultured soda, great for the belly like Purebread fermented (especially good in my G&Ts). Now available online $4.50 each!

Well a completely different summer form last year with hot days, garden watering and swimming. I am enjoying it but the farmer in me loves the previous, cooler and regular rain version better.

My tomato garden is looking great and now picking more every day. I have a good workout doing the watering every second or third evening bucketing @300 litres directly on the plants. This feels more than a triple win with nurturing the plants, producing beautiful tomatoes, a good healthy exercise and of course not wasting our precious water.

Mauri Ora (Well Being-Good health)
– Baker Bob

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Gluten Free Garlic Flattie

Garlic Flattie - Organic - Gluten Free - Heat & Eat


High in fibre and anti-oxidants 
Organically grown garlic
Great source of vitamin C, calcium & selenium ✓ 
Delicious ✓ 


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Product Profile


Gluten Free & Nutritional, Heat & Eat Flatties

Those of you have seen us at the GF shows have probably tried these with the common comments being, “So YUMMY”, “These are just like normal garlic bread” and “These surely aren’t Gluten Free!”

Updated Cooking Instructions:

Apologies but now after cooking many of these at shows it is very clear that the best and quickest way to cook our Flatties is to cook full term in the toaster or till crispy.

Using a serrated knife and sawing action, slice the length you want then in half so they fit in toaster.

Why are they so nutritious?

The whole grain brown rice flour is high in fibre and anti-oxidants.  The free range eggs, cider vinegar and honey each have their own nutritional value – and our slow-food production process ensures all that goodness is available to the eater – helped by the excellent taste of the Flatties!

To add even more health benefits, we choose to use New Zealand, organically grown Garlic. Garlic of course is very high in Vitamin C, calcium and selenium whilst also assisting with blood pressure and cholesterol lowering and is said to have cacogenic fighting qualities reducing the risk of cancers! Fights off the common winter colds and flus too.

We are delighted that these Purebread Flatties look good, and can be prepared in a variety of ways.  They can form the base of a bruschetta, or used on their own with soups, or to accompany a meal – this versatility means they are more likely to be used – and more able to add to our “good for you” menu!

Excellent from the fridge or freezer so when there’s a Flattie in the house, there is a meal in the house.

For more info and serving suggestions [Click Here]


Try one for FREE with a $45 online order
Every one of these orders goes into the draw to WIN a years subscription to Organic NZ Magazine focusing on organic agriculture.



Jill's Naturopath Chat

Health is Inner Peace

Have you had a holiday this January? Did you manage to go away and relax and forget about work and responsibilities for a while? In New Zealand we have many beautiful places to visit in the summer holidays.

The important thing is to take a mini vacation several times a day. Some call it Meditation which involves focusing on the breath, or a word, or the glow of a candle,  or a phrase known as a mantra. Such as….I AM…..or your favourite flower. I am loving my sunflowers this month. Meditation is essential to feel well and live a happy life. Meditation can help us to eliminate negative thoughts, worries, anxiety, and all factors that can prevent us feeling happy. It has been proved that the practice of meditation carried out on a regular basis will mitigate the symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Find a quiet place and sit with legs and arms uncrossed and a straight back. Or you can sit cross legged on the floor or the ground with bare feet, or not. Or, after exercise or yoga routine you can lye flat on your back and go into a deep relaxation.  

I love these thoughts written by Linda D. Edwards and published in the Daily Word this month, January 2018.

The Neutral Zone

I lean into the space between beginning and end,
Seeing the beauty around me erasing all fear,
Affirming that Love eradicates all negativity,

Light pours into me, healing and bringing peace...

[Click here for complete thoughts]

Quote from Thomas A Edison

The Doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.

Recommended reading, by Dr Ian Gawler, who healed himself from Cancer through Meditation, to obtain Health through inner peace... IS... "Peace Of Mind”.

Also the Gawler foundation book “Eat Well, Be Well” bursting with delicious recipes based on the healing, whole food, plant based, diet as taught in the Gawler Foundation retreats and programs.

In Kapiti, Robert Glensor’s Purebreads are well suited to the above program.

Also check out the Yoga and Tai Chi classes at the “Lotus Yoga Centre” in Paraparaumu.


Judy’s Recipe

Plant-based diets are becoming increasingly popular as the world begins to come to grips with the problems currently facing it. The recipes this month are both vegan, as well as being gluten free,but they’re not complicated, don’t involve hard-to-get ingredients, taste good, and will probably be consumed by your visitors without them being aware what they’re actually eating!



Aquafaba Chocolate Mousse

I had grave doubts about this when I found it online, but to my utter astonishment, it worked brilliantly. And tasted good! The mix is quite sloppy-looking when you put it into the dishes but it solidifies in the fridge to a very satisfying texture.

I very much doubt that anyone would be able to detect what it was really made from. (It also has the advantage of not containing raw eggs or gelatine).



Chickpea and Kumara Curry

This is tasty, quick to make, good for you, and uses up the chickpeas if you’ve been making aquafaba mousse.  

It’s rather heavily modified from an old article on the Healthy Food site.


Easy Gluten Free with Judy

Tip for the month

Right now, stone fruit are at their best. Having recently lashed out and got a box of apricots sent up from an orchard in Roxburgh, at pretty much the same cost as buying apricots in the supermarket (even with the freight cost included), I had rather a lot of apricots to deal with. If you find yourself in a similar situation, obviously the first thing to do is eat as many fresh ones as you can get away with, but if you’re frightened they might get old before you can finish them off, a really nice way to deal with them is to gently poach them in a lightly sweetened, vanilla-flavoured syrup.

I came across the vanilla suggestion somewhere on the dreaded Internet, and it really does make a difference. You need to be careful and watch when poaching them; I turned my first lot into apricot soup by turning my back on them for a minute too long... They still tasted lovely but didn’t look great!


Gardening Tips

February in the Garden

The summer garden
is in full production. Fruiting vegetables, like pregnant women, need good nutrition and water. But in the rest of the garden, it’s not the time for new plantings- wait until autumn when the cooler, damper weather helps them establish roots.

Water on Fridays: This sounds daft, but you can help keep your rates down by watering the garden on a Friday. It’s those peak, weekend spikes in water usage that trigger summer water restrictions. So, if at all possible, water the garden on Fridays and spend the weekend doing something else.

Using drinking quality water on lawns is somewhat insane. [Click here for complete instructions]

Bottlefed veges: Cut the bottoms off 2-litre bottles and sink into the ground next to plants.

Notice which plants are doing well: fill your garden with drought-resistant plants and you’ll never need to worry about them. Good candidates include Mediterranean herbs like lavender or rosemary, Australians such as grevillea and bottlebrush, or African aloes and proteas.



Summer in the garden:

  • Summer prune: Take the tips out of fig trees, and cut grape vines back to just a leaf or two beyond the last bunch of fruit. Cut back excessive leafy growth on fruit trees. Stonefruit can get a heavier prune straight after fruiting
  • Berries and fruits may need protection from birds. Use netting, or try hanging up old CDs (or Christmas decorations).
  • Lettuce, coriander and salad greens need shade at this time of year, if they’re not to dry out and bolt.
  • Pile up grass and weeds for compost. Water, and cover to keep damp. Even if you never get around to turning it, you’ll have some ready for next spring.
  • Add liquid feed to your watering can for great crops.
  • Keep filling gaps with basil, lettuce and bush beans, or leeks and fennel for winter. If growing from seed, start sowing winter vegetables like broccolli.

Plant out: Tomatoes, cucumber, beans, peas, potatoes, corn, lettuce, silver beet, pumpkin, squash, red onions, leeks (for winter), basil and other herbs.

Sow seeds: Salad greens, carrots, beetroot, radish, zucchini, pumpkin, cucumber, corn, beans, peas, silver beet, sunflowers.


Monthly Competition Winners!

So here are the WINNERS with Purebread this month….
Maddy from Wellington has won the breadboard draw and will enjoy some delicious organic bread of their choice, a gluten free BIG Bikkie and a Purebread breadboard from sustainable Macrocarpa timber.
Elizabeth from Rangiora has won the year’s subscription of the great Organic NZ Magazine featuring sustainable organic agriculture for the support in online ordering.

Mark C has won the the $50 Online voucher for his letter to the editor in Organic NZ Magazine.  

Congratulations to you all, thanks for your support and we trust you will enjoy and perhaps even share your prizes.

Thought for the month…

“The nutrition value of Organic food is more about what IS NOT in the food, as in artificial pesticides and herbicide chemicals, hormones and antibiotics.

These are magic powders in production world but VERY BAD for our bodies to deal with.

Eat organic when ever you can as every little bit counts to a healthier world.” 

— Baker Bob