Pesticides linked to Brain Damage

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Pesticides linked to Brain Damage

Serious illness or injury are said to be the main causes of brain damage. It is hard to comprehend that your daily bread consumption could also be a contributing cause.

Bread and flour products are said to contain dangerously high levels of pesticide residue. One of the most commonly found pesticides in bread is chlorpyrifos which is an organophosphate. “Research published last year shows that 3-year-old children exposed to chlorpyrifos suffer nerve and mental damage as well as increased attention deficit disorder. A lot of very recent research reveals disturbing damage to the prenatal brain… The prenatal brain is especially vulnerable to it, even at very low doses, with potentially permanent effects on cognitive development and behaviour.” (White and Dr Watts)

Fortunately there is a better option, shop organic. Purebread offers a wide range of breads and buns, pizza bases and breadcrumbs that are pesticide free and are guaranteed crowd pleasers.


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