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Pesticides linked to Breast Cancer

In 2010, an estimated 2005 women were diagnosed with breast cancer according to the New Zealand Cancer registry. (Ministry of Health) An alarming number of kiwi women. Amongst several other causes pesticides have been linked to breast cancer.

Endosulfan is a highly toxic insecticide that has now been banned from use in New Zealand. “Apart from breast cancer, this highly toxic insecticide has been linked to hormonal disruption, mimicking oestrogen and producing infertility, as well as foetal, gene, neurological, behavioural and immune system damage at very low doses.” (White, Dr Watts and Browning) “In December 2008, ERMA New Zealand withdrew all approvals for products containing endosulfan under the HSNO Act with effect from 16 January 2009. After that date, they can no longer be imported, sold, or used in New Zealand.” (New Zealand Food Safety Authority)

Fortunately this particular pesticide is no longer used in New Zealand. However, there are still many harmful pesticides being used in New Zealand’s agriculture industry. Instead of exposing yourself to these harmful pesticides, consider buying organic food. Shopping organically is the only way to avoid the unfavourable consequences that pesticides can produce.


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