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Purebread applauds W.H.O Announcement

The World Health Organisation has announced that the active ingredient of Roundup, glyphosate, as being “probably carcinogenic” to humans.

Renowned researcher and health campaigner Professor Don Huber has been stating this for many years and if cancer causing is not bad enough, he also finds that glyphosate is also badly affecting our antibiotics.

This news is backed up by award-winning Paraparaumu-based Purebread who have been preaching the dangers of pesticides so therefore GE crops since it started business in 1996.

Purebread produces the most delicious Certified Organic bread and gluten-free bakery products that you can purchase online with free courier delivery throughout the North Island.

“I am delighted to see that the madness of dowsing edible crops with deadly pesticides has been exposed to at least “possibly carcinogenic” by W.H.O so it is not only harmful to our health but potentially fatal,” says Robert Glensor, Founder and Managing Director of Purebread.

“Even as a child we learnt and witnessed where ‘nutrients’ travel up into the veins of a bean plant growing in inky water, IT DOES GET IN! So we then eat it, not at all good” says Robert.“

Another study published very recently by the American Society of Microbiology’s journal mBio has linked glyphosate and two other widely-used herbicides–2,4-D and dicamba–to one of the most pressing public health crises of our time: antibiotic resistance, so I can only hope that this independent information can be widely spread so people are aware of the grave dangers in our food industry” adds Robert.

“This study found that exposure to these herbicides in their commercial forms changed the way bacteria responded to a number of antibiotics, including ampicillin,  ciprofloxacin, and tetracycline–drugs which are widely used to treat a range of deadly diseases. “

Purebread is totally owned and operated by a down to earth New Zealand family.

Purebread’s core values include family, community, sustainability, organic growing,  natural fermentation, healthy eating and the environment so you can rely on them to deliver you the healthiest and great-tasting bread on the market.

Freight free and fresh to your door!

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