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Purebread Organic Ambassadors

Every year, pesticides wreak havoc on the environment while genetically modified products can wreak havoc on your body. New awareness about pesticides and genetically modified products spurred on a push for more organic products, and we heard you loud and clear at Purebread!

In order to help motivate the public to make the switch to organic and to encourage our customers to spread the word, we’ve developed an exciting new program! By working to promote healthier foods throughout New Zealand, you’re able to partner with Purebread and earn discount codes and a big voucher for every five referrals you bring in!

How Becoming an Organic Ambassador Works

We make it so simple for anyone to become an Organic Ambassador. It all starts by you telling your story about what motivated you to switch to organic products. Tell your network why it’s so important for both them and the local environment to make the switch to organic, and point out that there are fewer things more important than a Pure Bread.
You detail how much you enjoyed your own Purebread products and tell them why you think it’s important that they make the switch as well. At the end of your story, you give your readers a chance to try the good stuff! You’ll all get to enjoy pesticide-free food that is 100% organic, which is exactly what you get with Purebread!

All your followers have to do is click on the link at the end of your post and complete an order that totals at least $26. When they do, you’ll get a discount code that Purebread sends directly to your email address. You can redeem your discount code on your next order to continue enjoying the most delicious and healthy bread New Zealand has to offer.

That’s it! It’s that simple! You can also share a coupon code directly with your network. They’ll earn a 5% discount on their first order and both of you will get a coupon code sent directly to your email!

Isn’t it fantastic? You can spread the word about how much our organic products have helped you, help the environment and get a reward in return on both sides! All together, we can work to build a more sustainable environment by using organic products and proudly promoting it. Save New Zealand simply by sharing healthy eating habits today!
Made with Love in Purebread, NZ

1 – Login to the system or Signup on the My account page


2 – click on the Ambassadors link on the menu bar
3 – You’ll see two green lines
A) your referral URL
B) your coupon code