Butternut Salad with Savoury Muesli and Walnut Crumble

January 4, 2018

This vibrant healthy salad is a meal in a bowl.  My small obsession with the possibilities of using muesli in a savoury way continues! It does need to be a crunchy and only very lightly sweetened muesli so I have used organic Purebread Wild Oats Muesli again.

Tio Pablo Red Chilpotle salt is another favourite of mine. This complex spicy Mexican salty condiment includes such ingredients as chilpotle, annatto seed, coriander, lime and juniper berries.

The Kashmiri chilli powder is much milder than most. If you use another kind of chilli powder use much less or you can leave it out altogether.


1Briefly toast the walnuts and muesli in a dry frypan

2Stir in the Tio Pablo Red Chilpotle salt

3Toss the butternut in the olive oil and kashmiri chili powder. Add a little salt

4Roast for about 20 minutes until done at 200 degrees

5Put in a shallow salad bowl

6Leave to cool a little before tossing plenty of chopped coriande/parsley through the butternut

7Top with small dollops of ricotta and the muesli and walnut sprinkles



500 gm of butternut (peeled and sliced)

2 tablespoons of olive oil

1/2-1 teaspoon if kashmiri chilli powder

Freshly ground salt to taste

A handful of chopped coriander/flat leaved parsley

A small tub of ricotta cheese


1/4 cup of Purebread Wild Oats Muesli

1/4 cup of walnuts

1/2 teaspoon of Tio Pablo Red Chipotle Salt

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