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Chicken and Green Beans

Chicken and Green Beans

November 16, 2016

  • Prep: 15 mins
  • Cook: 10 mins


1It’s easiest to cook this in a wok, but a large frying pan will do if you have to.

2Heat the oil and fry the onions and ginger briefly on high for about a minute.

3Add the chopped chicken meat and stir fry, stirring throughout, until the meat is just cooked through

4Add water to the wok or pan to just cover the meat, then add the sherry, soy sauce and oyster sauce and mix well.

5Turn the heat down to low and simmer the meat in the liquid for about 5 minutes.

6Add the beans and cook on medium-low for another 10 minutes or so to cook the beans through.

7Thicken as desired with cornflour in water and serve on white or brown rice.


For four servings plus a bit left over:

500g skinless boneless chicken breast meat, cut into 2cm cubes or thereabouts

1 onion, diced

About 1 tsp of finely chopped fresh ginger root

2 to 3 tbsp cooking oil

Water as needed to cover chicken during cooking

400g more or less of either frozen or fresh sliced green beans. If using frozen, the “choice cut “are better than the very finely sliced ones. If using fresh, slice the beans and steam for a few minutes before adding to the mix and cooking further

½ cup cooking sherry

¼ to ½ cup dark soy sauce, to your taste

3 Tbsp oyster sauce

1 Tbsp maize cornflour mixed with a little water to thicken the mix

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