Fresh coleslaw with mustard & ginger dressing - Purebread

Fresh coleslaw with mustard & ginger dressing

November 5, 2017

Excerpt and recipe from Jaki's Nutritionist Column

The addition of fresh, zingy fennel to this salad, not only adds a beautiful crunch, but also supports the digestive process.


1For the salad, toss all ingredients into a large salad bowl

2For the dressing, I make mine in a cup and use a mini whisk to combine together. After adding tothe salad, I leave it to sit and infuse for at least twenty minutes before serving.



Green or red cabbage sliced thinly – about 4 cups

Grated carrots – 3 medium size

Pumpkin seeds (small handful)

Sunflower seeds (small handful)

Chopped spring onion – 2-3

Sliced fennel (in season now, 1 large bulb)


¼ cup natural yoghurt (coconut if vegetarian)

1 tsp Dijon mustard

Lemon juice to balance (1tsp – 1tbsp)

Thumb sized knob of fresh ginger - micro planed

Salt & pepper to taste