Ginger Cream Sauce

June 8, 2018

The perfect sauce companion for tofu!

To serve, place the fried tofu pieces on a bed of steamed rice and pour the sauce over. This goes very well with a simple green salad.


1Finely chop the onion and fry in the oil until soft.

2Add the ginger and stir for a minute or so until fragrant

3Add the soured cream, stock or water, and soy sauce.

4Heat through, and if necessary, thicken with a little cornflour mixed with water. You want something that will be thick enough to coat the tofu pieces lightly but not be ‘gluggy’.


1 onion, peeled and chopped

3 Tbsp mild cooking oil

2 tsp ground ginger

½ cup cream, soured with the juice of 1 lemon

½ cup ‘chicken’ stock or water. I use Massel chicken-flavoured stock, which is completely vegetarian and gluten-free

2 Tbsp gluten-free soy sauce

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