Homemade Hash Browns

January 31, 2019

Having recently found myself with a very large pot of mashed potatoes (courtesy of having stuck a garden fork through rather too many of them while harvesting, and needing to use them up quickly), I went on a hunt for tasty mashed potato recipes, of which there are quite a lot.

This is one of the simplest uses for leftover mashed potatoes, and for those of us who really like crispy fried potato things, these can be classified as comfort food of the best quality.


1Mix the mashed potato, egg and onion together, blending thoroughly.

2Heat enough oil to give a thin layer in the bottom of a large, heavy-based frying pan.

3Spoon the potato mix into the pan in rough rounds (sized to suit yourself) and flatten with a kitchen spatula to about 1cm in thickness.

4Cook over medium-high heat until the bottoms are nicely browned, then flip the patties and cook the other side.

5Serve hot with whatever you most enjoy – poached eggs are particularly nice in my opinion, but you will have your own favourites!


2 cups mashed potatoes (use your usual approach of adding butter and/or milk, salt and pepper to taste)

1 egg, beaten

1 onion, finely diced and lightly cooked in a little oil until it softens

Good quality cooking oil for frying – rice bran or light olive oil work well

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