Mince Pie Filling

November 16, 2016

Yes, you can have a good old-fashioned mince pie again!

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  • Prep: 10 mins
  • Cook: 15 mins


1In a large frying pan, brown the mince and the onion in a little vegetable oil until no liquid remains

2Add the curry powder and fry for a minute or two to bring out the flavour.

3Add ¼ cup of water and the stock cube and heat to dissolve the stock cube.

4Add the tomato sauce and the soy sauce.

5If the mix looks a little dry and lacking in sauce, add another ¼ cup water.

6Once the mix is bubbling, add the thickening mix (rice flour or cornflour) gradually, stirring throughout, until the meat mix is thickened to your liking. I prefer a fairly thick mix because it then doesn’t tend to ooze so much during cooking, but tastes vary, so experiment a bit to find your preference. Leave to cool a little before use.

7Roll out your pastry as described in the pastry recipes, and line a metal or glass pie tin (one about 20cm diameter is good for a family pie, or use individual pie tins).

8Place the filling in the pie shell, and moisten the edge of the pastry with egg wash.

9Roll out a top, lie it over the filling and trim round the edge of the dish with a knife. Crimp the edges together with your fingers,

10Cut several shallow slits in the top of the crust with a kitchen knife, and brush the top with egg wash.

11Bake at 210C (fan bake if possible) for 20 to 30 minutes until the pie is golden brown all over. Smaller individual pies may take less time – watch them carefully.


500g prime mince (less than 15% fat)

1 onion, finely sliced

1 tsp curry powder of your choice – I prefer a mild one

1 gluten-free stock cube, flavour of your choice. Beef is nice, but anything savoury will do

¼ to ½ cup water

¼ cup tomato sauce, either home made or commercial

2 tsp gluten-free soy sauce

Cornflour or rice flour to thicken. Mix 2 to 3 Tbsp in a small amount of water and have ready for use once the mix is cooked through

Prepared Gluten Free Goodies Pastry mix, made according to the instructions on the pack.

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