Preserved Beetroot

November 16, 2016

My mother-in-law passed along this very simple and delicious recipe to me and we have enjoyed it for years. For extra elegance, grow the slender cylindrical beetroot because they cut into nice even rings and fit in the jars well, but any variety of beetroot will do!

  • Prep: 10 mins
  • Cook: 20 mins


1You can make any quantity you like, depending how much beetroot you have to deal with. I find that using cups gives plenty to do two large preserving jars (the big old fashioned agee jars)

2Firstly, wash your beetroot, then cook in water in a large saucepan, with their skins on, until they are tender when pricked with a knife. Drain them and immerse in cold water for a few minutes (to avoid burning yourself!) Peel the skins off – this should be really easy because they just slide off the cooked beetroot.

3Slice the beetroot into thinnish rings to suit your preferences, and pack into clean preserving jars.

4Pour the liquid mix over the beetroot to completely cover it. You may need to slide a knife blade carefully down the sides of the jar to remove air bubbles.

5Cover the jars and store in the fridge. The mix will keep for two or three months with no problems.


The mix is, by volume:

1 part sugar

1 part water

2 parts cider vinegar

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