Quiche with Mashed Potato Crust

February 8, 2019

Another find in my search for ways to use up large amounts of mashed potatoes. This sounded a bit odd and I approached it with a fair degree of skepticism. However, to my surprise, it worked amazingly well, forming a sensible pastry substitute that held together remarkably well, and was also good cold.

This type of crust has a lot less fat than a normal pastry, which can be helpful for some people. It can’t be used for anything that requires a flexible pastry, obviously, but it’s great for lining a pie dish. You can use any filling that you enjoy in a quiche – I’ve just provided the corn and cheese filling that I often use with regular gluten-free pastry.

One thing to bear in mind is that because the potato crust is a bit thicker than normal pastry, you won’t have quite as much room for the filling as you usually would, so it probably pays to reduce the quantities a bit. For this reason, my recipe uses 4 eggs rather than the usual 5 for this sized pie plate.


Mashed Potato Crust

1Lightly oil a roughly 20cm diameter pie plate. Press the mashed potatoes evenly into the plate and up the sides to get the same coverage you would from a pastry lining.

2Lightly brush the surface of the potato with the remaining oil.

3Bake at 200°C, fan bake if possible (note this is for a gas oven – you may need a lower temperature if you’re using an electric oven) until lightly browned. This may take anywhere from 30 to 50 minutes depending on your oven. Just keep an occasional eye on it.


1Beat together the eggs, milk/cream and pesto

2Add the cooked onion, sweetcorn and cheese and combine

3Add salt and pepper to taste

4Pour into the cooked mashed potato crust and bake at 200°C, fan bake if possible, until the filling has puffed up and set (between 20 and 30 minutes)

5Serve hot with vegetables or a salad of your choice, or cold the next day. Cold quiches are excellent picnic or take-to-work lunch food, and this is no exception


Mashed Potato Crust

2 cups Leftover mashed potato – if using cold mashed potato that has been kept in the fridge, break it up really thoroughly with a fork and/or your hands so it has an even texture

1 tbsp Olive or rice bran oil


4 Eggs

8 tbsp Milk/cream/milk substitute as desired

2 tbsp Basil pesto

1 cup Cooked sweetcorn kernels

1/2 cup Grated cheese

1 Small onion, diced and cooked in a little oil until soft

Salt and pepper to taste

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