Raspberry Jelly

March 6, 2020

All the virtues of raspberry jam but without the annoying seeds that get stuck in your teeth... The only downside is that you get fewer jars per kilogram of raspberries than you do with jam, because you’ve taken the seeds out.

However, the deliciousness of the product makes up for it, especially when consumed on fresh gluten-free scones (see recipes published earlier) with whipped cream. Yes, gluten-free Devonshire teas can be a reality!


1Wash and drain the raspberries and remove any unsound fruit, stalks/leaves, small caterpillars...

2Put into a large saucepan (a stainless steel stockpot works well), add the water and stew gently until the fruit is soft and pulpy.

3Strain through a double layer of cheesecloth or similar, lining a large sieve suspended over a large bowl. You can put a plate over the top of it at this stage and abandon it for several hours at this point. Just remember to fold all the edges of the cloth into the sieve – if you leave them hanging over the edge of the bowl they will act like a wick and drip liquid onto the bench instead of into the bowl, which is distressing!

4Once all the liquid has drained through into the bowl, discard the contents of the cheesecloth and transfer the liquid to a measuring jug. Once you have a measure of the volume, place the liquid in a large saucepan and add 300g of sugar for each 500ml of liquid.

5Stir over high heat until the sugar has dissolved, then boil rapidly, stirring throughout, for about 15 minutes. I find the usual ‘until it sets when placed on a cold saucer’ trick doesn’t really work with this jelly, and you need to basically take it on faith that it will set after the 15 minute boiling period. It hasn’t failed me yet, though there is of course always a first time!

6Turn off the heat, allow to stand until the boiling subsides and then remove the scum from the surface.

7Transfer to hot sterilized jars and seal immediately.

8To maintain the best colour (and it really is beautiful), keep the jars in the fridge, even before you open them.


1.8kg raspberries

600ml water

300g sugar per 500ml of liquid obtained

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