Snickerdoodle Slice

November 16, 2016

This is heaven for cinnamon and sugar fans like myself!

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  • Prep: 10 mins
  • Cook: 30 mins


1Preheat oven to 180C

2Lightly grease a 23 x 30cm glass baking dish or similar and dust with rice flour of Pikelet and Waffle mix to prevent the mix sticking.

3Mix flour, sugar, cinnamon, and baking powder in a large bowl

4Whisk together the eggs and milk or water in a separate bowl, than add to the dry ingredients.

5Add the melted butter and whisk until combined.

6Place half the mix in the prepared dish and level the surface. Sprinkle 2/3 of the cinnamon-sugar mix over this, then add the rest of the cake mix.

7Sprinkle the rest of the cinnamon-sugar mix on top

8Bake 25 – 30 minutes, until firm and lightly browned.

9Cool in dish for 20 to 30 minutes before eating.

10Probably keeps two or three days but I haven’t had it sit around long enough to find out!


320g Gluten Free Goodies Cake and Biscuit mix

3/4 cup sugar

1 Tbsp ground cinnamon (not a misprint, one tablespoon is right!)

2 tsp Gluten Free Goodies Baking Powder

3 eggs

250ml milk or water

100g butter, melted

3 Tbsp sugar mixed with 3 tsp cinnamon, extra

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