BEE Pollen

BEE Pollen

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Every thing that Bees create is health heaven in my opinion and certainly pollen is that

What is bee pollen?

Pollen is the male gamete of flowering plants and honeybees are largely responsible for the cross pollination that ensures a plant’s survival.  Pollen collects on bees’ hairy bodies as they fly from flower to flower.  They then groom the pollen grains from their bodies and stick them together with nectar into “pollen baskets” on their back legs.  These are the pollen granules known as bee pollen. Bees need pollen for its protein, vitamins and minerals and especially for raising their brood and producing royal jelly.  Our pollen collectors are turned on for a couple of weeks at a time and when on, they remove a portion of the granules from the bees’ legs on their way back home.

Why is pollen so good for you?

Hyppocrates, the father of medicine, believed pollen contributed to a long life, and it is becoming increasingly popular as it is recognised to be the most nutritionally complete natural food available.  So much so that the German Medical Board recently recognised pollen as a medicine.

Pollen contains almost all of the nutrients needed to sustain life with over 250 known nutritional ingredients and thousands of beneficial enzymes, co-factors and hormones.Pollen is a highly bio-available source of B vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants and plant phytonutrients. It contains 7.5 times as much iron as beef and more protein than beef, eggs or cheese.  Pollen is reported to have a large number of health and beauty benefits: immune support, stress reduction, sound sleep, hay fever relief, cell regeneration, digestive health, sexual function, fertility, prostate health, skin elasticity, energy, stamina and a LOT more.


PollenNation, a family business since 1975


PollenNation are producers of New Zealand’s finest bee pollen, and we are pleased to be able to supply you fresh, raw, South Island bee pollen of the highest purity, colour, flavour and freshness.  Our pollen is collected almost exclusively from native forests in the Nelson, Marlborough Sounds, Tasman and West Coast regions and away from horticultural areas where pesticides and herbicides are used.


Our central value is to care for our bees.  Our beekeeping operation is bee friendly and sustainable as we only collect from regions where there is a pollen surplus and we use gentle methods of pollen collection that doesn’t interfere with our bees’ health or wellbeing.




Feel free to contact us if you have any enquires or you would like to visit us in Nelson some time and see how we collect our pollen J


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