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Corn & Seed Pizza Bases -Goodness – Gluten Free – Gum Free


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All the goodness of the ever popular bread with a great nutty taste when baked. Check out our great gluten free pizza recipes for delicious serving ideas.


Not your standard flour and water pizza bases but an ingredient list that offers huge nutritional value and goodness. No gums used

Create your master piece but many pizza topping ideas in our recipe section

Our unique recipe is based on organic potato, honey, soy flour and eggs, and enhanced with the special nutritional qualities of natural seeds and cornmeal.  All are ingredients are GE-free and, wherever possible, organic.

Our delicious, healthy ingredients help improve the body’s absorption of valuable vitamins and minerals and add energy while not compromising health issues for gluten-sensitive digestive systems.  Great taste – Good health

NB. This product needs to be stored in fridge or freezer when received to reach Best Before date on pack!

Corn & Seed Facts

  • For our gluten-free bases and bread, we look to foods rich in natural plant nutrients (phytonutrients) for their beneficial health effects, which are also pleasant to eat
  • All seeds are rich in minerals due to their high polyunsaturated fat content, and their nutrients are easily absorbed by the body. This means they are more readily digested by people with gluten-sensitivity
  • Linseed (also known as flaxseed) is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, especially alpha-linolenic acid, which is thought to be beneficial for preventing or lessening the impact of inflammatory bowel diseases
  • Sesame seeds are a good source of protein (including iron) and calcium
  • We are grateful to the many customers whose feedback helped us test and refine our recipe

2 per pack

Our Ingredients: Organic Potato, Maize & Starch, Rice Flour, Organic Soy Flour, Corn Meal (Polenta), Organic Sesame & Linseed, Organic Honey, Sunflower Oil, Organic Sea Salt, Organic Eggs, Filtered Water, Yeast. All ingredients gluten free.

Nutritional Information:

Contents Quantity per
Quantity per
Energy kJ 969kj
Energy cal -231cal
Protein 7.6gm
Fat – total 6.4gm
Fat – saturated 0.8gm
Carbohydrate 34.3gm
Sugars 1.8gm
Dietry Fibre 6.07gm
Sodium 448mg
 Gluten  0.0


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