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Eggs – Organic – Free range

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I call these the best eggs in the world as produced by our own chookies on our wee farm Awaiti in Te Horo. I love them!

From either Suffolk (white with black necks, whiter eggs) or High-line (ginger but dark brown eggs) or one black hen called Blackie.

Eggs will be packed in a recycled egg container and not true to whatever label it may sport.

I would not usually call them organic as eggs not certified, but in this case, I do know exactly what goes into them because I feed and tend them personally. If they had a brand, Little Feather of which one may feature in each dozen. You could save them up to make a duvet or pillow. 🙂

That Daily diet is, Organic Purebread as a starter followed by organic wheat soaked with organic cider vinegar.  Then organic layer pellets produced by New Zealand Bio Grains. Completely free range so daylight hours they have full access to grass and bugs etc.. Chicken heaven and that is really what the magic of a great egg in terms of colour and flavour.

From Pasture Poultry if ours are low


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