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Eggs – River Range – Free range

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As the organic ones are hard to come by we have secured a supply from these folk as below.

Actually neighbours of our organic suppliers and here is what they say…

We are a small, family owned business selling high
quality, Free Range Eggs. We are located near Takapau, 17km from Waipukurau in Central
Hawkes Bay. We currently run approximately 1500 hens but this number fluctuates depending
on the season, with less hens during the quieter period (winter).
Information that may be useful when talking to customers:
• We feed our hens a high quality diet that is formulated specifically for us, and our
conditions, to keep our hens in good health. They are also free to eat whatever greens or
wildlife/bugs they find in their paddocks.
• All our hens are free range and they are free to access the outdoors at all times. We do
not have a cage-based system running alongside our free range operation.
• We keep our eggs very fresh, and they are usually delivered within 2-3 days of being laid
• We are not organic, however we do limit our use of chemicals so that they are only used
if there is no other option. Our first choice is those remedies that are classed as organic
or natural.
• We are certified by MPI. We have a risk management programme registered with MPI
that is audited every year – this ensures a safe product and we follow strict controls to
ensure we only provide top quality eggs


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