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Moral Fibre – Buns – Organic – Sourdough


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Light fibre buns from our Vintage Organic selection. Baked with the goodness of Konini kibbled wheat and using old fashioned methods of fermentation, Moral Fibre tastes great and aids healthy digestion.

These buns are also available wrapped in food grade paper instead of the plastic bag. Click here to choose in paper.


A light but grainy, fibre  bread bun from our Vintage Organic selection. Baked with the goodness of Konini kibbled wheat and using a sourdough inclusion. This is fed daily and assists in digestion and delicious flavour.

Great for children who are used to white fluffy bread but as certified organic, it is free from those nasty pesticides and herbicides common in non organic varieties.

The Organic Konini Kibble (purple wheat) is grown for us especially by the good folk at NZ Bio Grains in Ashburton South Island.

Our Ingredients: Organic White Flour, Organic Kibble Konini (purple wheat) Natural Culture (fermented organic white flour and water), Organic Honey, Fresh Yeast, Organic Molasses, Certified Sea Salt, Gluten, Natural Improver (Organic Flour, Enzymes and Acidity Regulator) & Filtered Eco Living Water

Grown under sustainable farming practices that nurtures and protects our planet.

No other bread uses this natural culture, 15 years in the making and lovingly fed every day.

The grains in moral Fibre are are long soaked to soften yet retain the goodness.

The remainder of the predominately organic ingredients are then blended and left to rise. It is then weighed and rolled into bread pans, risen again then baked in our gas fired oven.

The combination of these age old techniques imparts the exquisite flavours and assists the soft texture and wonderful keeping qualities that young and old simply love.

The benefits YOU gain from choosing Moral Fibre and our organic values are better absorption of the valuable vitamins and minerals,  more digestible, G E Free and low fat. Along with the delicious flavour, these add up to necessary components for sustained growth and great health.


Nutritional Information:

Contents Quantity per
Quantity per
Energy kJ 814kj
Energy cal 194cal
Protein 8.4gm
Fat – total 0.7gm
Fat – saturated
Carbohydrate 36.9gm
Sugars 0.1gm
Dietry Fibre 4.4gm
Sodium 450mg


(Serving size: 1 bun; All specified values are averages).



Additional information

Weight .530 kg