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Soul Spelt – Bread – Organic – Sourdough


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Ancient spelt grain and unique cultures combine to create a great flavor and fine soft texture. Choose from sliced loaves or light fluffy buns for a variety of delicious serving occasions.

Spelt is an ancient heritage variety so is great for people who are allergic or sensitive to wheat.

Many people have found they can tolerate it but not other wheat varieties. Also available in hamburger buns 4 pack.

This loaf is also available wrapped in food grade paper instead of the plastic bag. Click here to choose in paper.


Our Ingredients: All Organic Spelt Flour, Eco Living Water, Natural Culture (spelt and water) & Sea Salt, Sunflower Oil, Yeast, Organic Honey and Natural Improver.

The Grandfather of Grains.

Spelt has been grown by farmers as long ago as 5,000 BC where it is also known as “Farro” (Italy), “Dinkle” (Germany) and in Roman times was called “Farrum”.

Spelt’s “nutty” flavour has long been popular and because of it’s high water solubility, the nutrients are easily absorbed by the body. It is naturally high in fibre, contains significantly more protein than wheat and is also higher in B complex vitamins. The Spelt grain contains both simple and complex carbohydrates which are an important factor in blood clotting and stimulating the body’s immune system.

Another important benefit is that some gluten-sensitive people are able to include spelt-based foods in their diets.

Some 800 years ago Hildegard von Bingen, (St.Hildegard) wrote about spelt: “The spelt is the best of grains. It is rich and nourishing and milder than other grain. It produces a strong body and healthy blood to those who eat it and it makes the spirit of man light and cheerful. If someone is ill boil some spelt, mix it with egg and this will heal him like a fine ointment.”

Vintage Organic Soul Spelt is  CERTIFIED ORGANIC.       The Bio-Gro logo is YOUR Guarantee!

Premier organic certification authority Bio-Gro is affiliated with the international body IFOAM. See www.

To achieve their organic certification, companies must comply with stringent regulations covering chemical-free sustainable farming practices, storage, transportation and production methods.

Nutritional Information:

Contents Quantity per
@ slice
Quantity per
Energy kJ 304kj 1060kj
Energy cal 72cal 252cal
Protein 2.0gm 7.8gm
Fat – total 0.3gm 0.9gm
Fat – saturated -0.0 0.1gm
Carbohydrate 14.7gm 51.3gm
Sugars -0.0 0.1gm

(Serving size:  All specified values are averages).


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Weight .430 kg

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