Tasty Breadcrumbs – Organic – Fermented

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Tasty Breadcrumbs – Organic – Fermented


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Created from the Purebread bulk fermented range or our wheat free option, both breadcrumbs are high in fibre and taste great.


For Tasty Bread crumbs, bread is laid out on trays by Arthur our ‘special man’ and placed in oven overnight utilising the residual heat. Then ground down to breadcrumb consistency. Delicious and nutritious for meats, fish and vegetable bakes.

Because Tasty Breadcrumbs are certified organic, it is free from those nasty pesticides and herbicides common in non organic varieties so PESTICIDE FREE!

All grown using sustainable farming practices that nurtures and protects our land and planet.

We ferment our Soy Flour to make more digestible and unlock the valuable protein, vitamins and minerals. The complete dough is then fermented, doubling in size over hours which breaks down the complex carbohydrates, making it much more digestible.

Our Ingredients: Big Daddy and Mamma) Certified Organic Wholemeal and White flour, Rolled Oats, Organic Honey, Soy Flour, Eco Living Filtered Water, Sunflower Oil, Olive Oil, Salt and Yeast.

 (Soul Spelt) All Organic Spelt Flour, Eco Living Water, Natural Culture (spelt and water) & Sea Salt, Sunflower Oil, Yeast, Organic Honey and Natural Improver.

Nutritional Information:

Contents Quantity per
Quantity per
Energy kJ 1200kj
Energy cal
Protein 6.81gm
Fat – total 5.36gm
Fat – saturated
Carbohydrate 50gm
Sugars 0.4gm
Dietry Fibre
Sodium 350mg

Additional information

Weight .400 kg

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