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Young Buck Buns- Paper wrap – Buns – Paleo – Gluten Free – Organic


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Delicious light Young Buck Paleo Hamburger Buns, boasts Buckwheat, Coconut Oil and honey which combined provide essential vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates to satisfy our appetites and fuel our bodies.


Plastic free bread wrap using food safe paper. This can be used as fire lighting, or putting in your compost or recycling to paper section.
We appreciate this option is not particularly pretty but we feel a great start towards reducing plastic usage.

Young Buck buns are:
PALEO friendly (Grain Free)
A light and fluffy Gluten Free bread
Sustained energy  from organic Coconut Oil
NZs only BioGro certified GF Bread
And each sale of Young Buck donates a sachet of veggie seeds to schools

Ingredients: Fresh Yeast, Organic Buckwheat, Organic Tapioca Starch, Organic Free Range Eggs, Organic Linseed, Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Honey, Organic Cider Vinegar, Certified Sea Salt, Xanthan Gum, Filtered Living Water.

Nutritional Information:

Contents Quantity per
Quantity per
Energy kJ 928kj 928kj
Energy cal 219cal 219cal
Protein 4.0gm 4.0gm
Fat – total 6.1gm 6.1gm
Fat – saturated 2.4gm 2.4gm
Carbohydrate 39gm 39gm
Sugars 2.0gm 2.0gm
Dietry Fibre 3.6gm 3.6gm
Sodium 499mg 499mg

Serving size: 1@ bun,  All specified values are averages

Discover more on Buckwheat: The Super Seed and a Super food not a grain so Paleo friendly

Buckwheat is a very nutritious food, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, potassium, B vitamins, phosphorus, minerals, and essential amino acids and can truly be denominated as king of the healing grains.

We use Organic Eggs and Linseed & Cider Vinegar in the production process.

High levels of anti oxidants, which support cellular function and help fight the effects of stress. Buckwheat has a certain kind of antioxidants that support the circulatory system and helps reduce high blood pressure.
High in protein. More than rice, wheat, millet or corn.
Low GI index. Cholesterol lowering food.
Reduces and regulates blood sugar levels after meals, this is key to preventing diabetes and obesity.
Contains mono and saturated fats, which are heart healthy (like olive oil)
Contains soluble fibre, which is healthy for the heart and helps prevent colon cancer.

What Customers say:

“Go, go, go Purebread…go, go, go Young Buck, and the young buck said “to be gluten free, you just can’t beat me”

Cathy Donaldson

“This stuff is freakin’ delicious.
It’s grain-free, made of a mixture of buckwheat (a seed), coconut oil and honey.
I was actually pretty suspicious of the bread to begin with. Surely eliminating grains would turn this into something akin to a packet of heavy, damp sawdust. Fortunately, my fears were in vain.
It’s SOOOOOOOOO … GOOD! Light and fluffy, beautiful when toasted, moreish, with a great nutty taste. And the beauty is that it’s low GI, so gives you longer lasting energy than a lot of the other gluten-free breads on the market.”

Michele Bluck

Additional information

Weight .530 kg

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