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Forward Thinking

NZ Sprint Cyclist – Katie Schofield

Katie started track cycling in 2007 after a series of injuries through track and field hampered her ability to continue. Her knowledge and training background as a sprinter helped Katie to transition her speed and power on to the bike.

Katie made her debut on the international track cycling scene in 2012 by competing in two World Cups (Beijing and London) and her first World Championship (Melbourne) to qualify for the 2012 Olympic Games. Although unsuccessful, she was named as an Olympic reserve. Katie’s goals are to attend future World Cups and World Championships in preparation to make the Olympic Team in 2016, and to win!

During Katie’s sporting commitments she has completed a Master of Physical Education, Bachelor of Physical Education, and a Bachelor of Science (Human Nutrition) at the University of Otago. This extensive knowledge base has enabled Katie to programme her training and nutrition to help her achieve her goals.

To read more about Katie’s journey visit: www.katieschofield.co.nz or click here to visit her blog.

Hockey Star – Brooke Roberts

I was born and breed in Whangarei. I started playing hockey at the the age of five for the Hora Hora hockey club. At the age of 9 I got my first taste of regional hockey when I made the Northland Under 11 girls hockey team. From that year forward I naturally developed a passion and set high goals for myself. (Watching other Northlanders like Charlotte Harrison debut for New Zealand at the age of 16 was a contributing factor to my high goal setting)

I just followed the usual path way through club hockey going up the grades and age groups for Northland. When I was 16 I started to develop some self-belief as I played at my first national under 21 tournament. When I turned 17 I debuted for the Northland Woman’s Hockey team and competed at the New Zealand National Hockey League. Along with the experience I gained from competing at these top tournaments as such a young player I worked hard on my fitness, nutrition and goalkeeping to earn myself a spot in the New Zealand Under 18 Hockey team (2 years in a row).

Now being out of the age criterium for Under 18s and I have decided where I truly would like to go with my hockey, my sights are set on the Junior Black sticks and Black sticks hockey team. To do this I need to continue with the hard work and effort I am putting in now but vastly improving the quality, quantity and intensity of trainings. I believe that having a nutritional diet is vital for growth in my performance thus why Purebread is one of my favourite brands of food as their bakery products supply complex carbohydrates with and excellent low GI value to keep my going.

Nutrition is a big part of my life, I am currently undergoing study at  Massey   University  to become a qualified Nutritionist or Dietician by going through their Bachelor of Science in Nutrition degree programme. I have also been eating an organic diet for the last 5-6 months and I eat Gluten Free food when is available. I am not Gluten intolerant but it is a lifestyle choice. Sometimes finding a tasty Gluten Free bread can be hard but their Corn and seed Gluten Free bread exceeded my expectations. I am very excited to become apart of the Purebread team!

“My energy levels have been a million times better since I was diagnosed a coeliac, so have my performances”.

Anna Thorpe

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