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In your March 24 edition you carried a photo of a motorcyclist who had obviously ignored the “no motorcycles” signage posted at the Otaihanga Domain and was caught by a cameraman riding down the walkway of the Domain. You also state that this rider was later seen riding on the grassed area  as well. This idiotic disregard for our local beautiful but fragile environment cannot be condoned and must be stamped out. Thank you for bringing this example to the notice of the community.

As Managing Director of Paraoa Bakehouse Ltd it saddens me greatly that the person photographed, who obviously has a complete disregard for the environment in which he lives—as well as his own and others safety, was wearing one of our company’s polo shirts with our “Purebread” brand across the back. These shirts have only ever been issued to staff.  I have spoken to and checked our current staff and am positive that not one of them is the person photographed.

Could it have been an ex-employee? Possibly. Or it could have been handed on by an ex-employee to another person. So that this type of situation cannot happen in future we will require departing employees to hand back these shirts in their possession. We are doing this because our company is dedicated to caring for our environment and wants to ensure that the actions of others, beyond our control, do nothing to damage this. The environemnt, along with our production of  organic and limited edition breads made the old fashioned way,  is the philosophy that drives our company.

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