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Why Organic?

Recent research showssignificant links between physical, cognitive, behavioral and emotionalillnesses and environmental toxins. A positive way of looking atenvironmental causes of these disorders is that they are preventableand in many cases treatable through reducing our toxic body burden withorganic, safer, less toxic living.

Originally, all foods were “organic” – grown and prepared without pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, hormones, irradiation to prevent spoilage, and microwave cooking.

Our food these days, whether of vegetable or animal origin, is not only deficient in nutrients but also full of pollutants and farm chemicals. The modern denaturing of foods through massive refining and chemical treatment deeply affects the quality, making them devoid of the exact boost that we should be getting from our food.

At Purebread, we believe that the best food comes from nature – in it’s pure, unadulterated form.

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