At the Purebread, our commitment to you and the environment is safe food and sustainable production.

We produce a range of over 30 nutritious and great tasting organic and gluten-free foods right here at our artisan bakery under the brand names Purebread, 4 Ever Free and the Gluten Free Goodies Company. You can find our products throughout New Zealand in supermarkets and stores, or you can order online and we will deliver to your door! 


“Proud to be totally owned and operated by a New Zealand family”


The size of the company has grown, the machines have gotten bigger and the brown paper bag may have changed but what’s inside is still delicious, pure and simple. We now produce a range of over 30 organic and gluten free foods as the range expanded from breads and pizza bases to include everything from nutritious organic breakfast cereals to tasty cakes and biscuits under the brands of Purebread, the Gluten Free Goodies Company and 4 Ever Free.

Now with a new generation of ownership, Richard is excited to continue Robert’s legacy, sticking to his original principles of producing healthy, organic producing and reducing waste, and growing the business, introducing the benefits of fresh, organic bread to the next generation.


When Robert opened his first commercial bakery in 1996 he took the ethics of home baking with him to the old hot bread shop on S.H. 1 Paraparaumu. He started out baking handmade Purebread 1kg loaves packed in a brown paper bag. From the very beginning organic was at the heart of this little bakery and Purebread proudly became New Zealand’s first Bio-Gro certified organic bread and bakery in August of 1996. As the business got stronger, the team began to search for a new site and mixers, bakery equipment and a huge gas fired oven were sourced from around the country and the perfect home was found just down the road and the new bakery and turned out its first loaves in December 1997. This site on the beautiful Kapiti Coast, is where the bakery proudly stands today.



Our founder Robert Glensor had a passion for baking so he did it in bulk, using good ol’ kiwi ingenuity and mixed ingredients to make batches of four loaves at a time. Robert’s principles of sustainable living and community care convinced him that organic was the only way forward he merged two of his passions and he began producing freshly baked bread made with the best organic ingredients.



“People have been making bread for centuries using time-honoured techniques and we’re taking their lead.”

Fresh Is Best

We deliver all our bread, both organic and organic gluten-free varieties, fresh to all stores in resealable bags. You can be sure that the only processes used to keep our bread fresh are natural ones.

Good food = good health

We believe organic food is better for you and better for the environment. Our organic status is our commitment to this fundamental principle. Producing safe food is something that is also fundamental to us. Choosing to eat organic food is one of the only ways to ensure you’re GE free.


We create food to sustain you and a business that sustains the environment. Sustainability has been a core part of our business from the very beginning. We use biodegradable, recyclable packaging, renewable energy and are proud members of the Sustainable Business Network. 

By buying our organic bread we’re proud to say you’re also supporting other organic suppliers and products in the industry. Our paper-wrap option is another way our consumers can reduce their waste and we’re always looking for ways to innovate in this area


We currently sponsor the Kapiti Music Festivals. Keep an eye out on our Facebook Page to learn more about these as they come up.


We’re committed to you, our customers!

We welcome everyone to contact us to let us know what they think! We appreciate all feedback, ideas and suggestions that enable us to provide the greatest products possible. We’ll always respond quickly.