Purebread Organic Eating

Organic Eating

100% Organic – As Nature Intended

We’re passionate about organic practices and have been from the day we baked our first loaf!

Why choose organic?

Better for the environment
Better for wildlife
Better for animals
Better for you
Purebread products are certified organic by Bio-Gro, an internationally recognised standard. We’re proud to say that we make our organic bread and cereals with the best organic ingredients and are the only BioGro Certified bakery that uses organically produced natural wheat in bread.

Our breads are handmade using old school craftsman techniques with bulk fermentation or natural cultures. This traditional baking technique helps our bodies to extract the nutrition from organic grains and other ingredients, providing great tasting and healthier food for everyone.

Organic certification means the ingredients we source for our organic range come from organically-certified farms; most of them here in New Zealand. Whether they are grains such as wheat or fruit like raisins, all ingredients are grown naturally without the use of fungicides, herbicides and insecticides.

Being certified organic also means we do not use synthetic additives like stabilisers, emulsifiers, antioxidants, preservatives, colours or flavour enhancers in any of our products.

When we’re sourcing ingredients internationally, we ensure that everything is certified to an equivalent organic standard to BioGro.

We leave nothing to chance when it comes to ensuring we adhere to our organic principles!

Purebread Organic White Sandwich Loaf


Purebread Organic Potato Bread


Purebread Organic Focaccia


Organic 5kg Unbleached Plain Flour


Organic 3kg Potatos

Organic 500g Raisins


Organic 500g Sunflower Seeds


Organic 500g Sesame Seeds


Organic 500g Ground Linseeds


Organic 500g Pumpkin Seeds


Organic 1kg Rolled Oats


Purebread Rosemary Flattie Gluten Free


Organic 1kg Spelt White Flour


Organic 1kg Buckwheat Flour Wholegrain


Organic 1kg Soy Flour


Organic 1kg Brown Rice Flour


Organic 5kg Stoneground Wholemeal Flour


Organic 1kg Tapioca Starch


Organic 1kg Sea Salt


Purebread Easter Buns


Purebread Tasty Breadcrumbs Organic


Purebread Wild Oats Muesli Organic


Purebread Turkish Flattie Gluten Free


Purebread Organic Pizza Base (2 Pack)


Purebread Corn & Seed Breadcrumbs Gluten Free


Purebread Gluten Free & Organic Breadcrumbs


Purebread Moral Fibre Grain Organic Buns


Purebread Young Buck Gluten Free & Organic Buns


Purebread Garlic Flattie Gluten Free


Purebread Soul Spelt Organic