Our Philosophy

Optimum Nutrition

Ever had that ‘ooh I feel bloated feeling after eating a sandwich?

Wheat and grains in general are not that digestible in their raw form (we can not process them like chooks).

Purebread utilises age old ‘slow’ production process, sourdough starters or fermentation methods.

This allows the natural enzymes to get working, breaking down the complex carbohydrates, which ensures easier digestion.

It stands to reason, that if we improve digestion, we improve the uptake of the many valuable vitamins and minerals present in the organic ingredients used to produce Purebread.

These two important differences result in Optimum Nutrition and bread with very available Energy.

It is my personal opinion that much of the gluten intolerance many are experiencing is partly caused by the ‘modern’ and very fast methods of bread baking. In effect by not being that digestible, it has damaged our gut causing the sensitivity.

Sue Kedgley spoke about this issue in a recent article…

“It’s interesting that until the 1950’s ceoliac disease was extremely rare. But from the 1960’s it began to increase sharply. It’s around that time that the new mechanical methods of bread-making, called the Chorleywood Bread process or ‘no time’ method, were introduced in the United Kingdom, and were taken up by other countries like the United States, Australia and New Zealand.” See other articles from Sue here.

Organic Guarantee

Our Purpose is Pure

We believe organic food is better for you and better for the environment. Our organic status is our commitment to this fundamental principle.

In 2010 Purebread was awarded the Organic Enterprise of the Year Award by Organics Aotearoa New Zealand (OANZ) in recognition of our continued leadership in the organic sector.

GE Free Certainty

In All our Food

Producing safe food is something that is fundamental to us. Choosing to eat organic food is one of the only ways to ensure you’re GE free.

Bio-Gro New Zealand clearly oppose the use of any genetically engineered or modified ingredients. For any products we source that don’t have BioGro certification, we insist on GE free credentials from the producers.

Let us do it for you just like you would at home. People have been making bread for centuries using time-honoured techniques and we’re taking their lead.

Fresh is best


We deliver all our bread, both organic and organic gluten-free varieties, fresh to all stores in resealable bags. You can be sure that the only proceses used to keep our bread fresh are natural ones. See for yourself with our easy to open-and-close bags that keep your bread fresh and ready to eat.

Commitment to you, our customers!


You can talk to us and tell us what you think! Every one of you is welcome to contact us via phone, email or in person with comments and ideas and we’ll always respond quickly. Your open and honest communication enables us to sustain you and for you to sustain us!

Fresh to your door

We deliver all our sliced bread, both organic and gluten-free varieties, fresh to stores and your doors in re-sealable bags, fully recyclable or re-useable bags. Products that are vacuumed or gas flushed need a ‘laminate’ plastic so need to be disposed of in the landfill.

You can be sure that the only processes used to keep our bread fresh are natural ones. Besides our ‘old fashioned’ sourdough or fermentation production methods (which also greatly assists digestion), the natural properties in honey, cider vinegar and soy flour can also assist the shelf life of fresh bread.

We can’t gloss it up too much though as the reality is, without chemical preservatives or preservative gas fresh bread will go mouldy within 5 – 10 days.

I personally like the fact this process happens as it is a totally natural composting process and quite easily managed. Storing in the fridge will slow the start of the moulding down and of course in the freezer it will last for several months.

If bread is just a little stale, re-freshen it by warming in oven or even the toaster.

Fresh bread to your door

Bags are…
– Re-sealable
– Re-cyclebale
– Re-useable

Bread …
– Natural flavours
– No additives or gas
– Earlier mould