Purebread Gluten-Free


Nourishing, Gluten-Free Food That Actually Tastes Good

We know how limiting being gluten intolerant can be and are proud to provide a unique range of gluten-free products that are fresh, nutritious and taste fantastic. Baking gluten-free products push us to be more creative and throw in exciting and highly nourishing alternatives to wheat flour. 

We make our gluten-free range by mixing good ingredients with slower production methods and a commitment to using real products not product replacements. We use things like buckwheat, rice and corn flours to create our delicious range of loaves and pizza bases, mixed with ingredients such as seeds, coconut oil and honey to enhance the taste and texture.

Our gluten-free products are light, moist and tasty – how they should be! We’re also proud to say that many of our gluten-free products are also certified organic by BioGro. Our Gluten Free Goodies range also lets you enjoy ready to eat treats, like our chocolate cake, and our baking mixes allow you to make your own creations in the kitchen. 

Have feedback on our gluten-free products? We’d love to hear it – don’t hesitate to contact us! 

Gluten Free White Sandwich


Gluten Free Walnut & Cranberry Loaf


Gluten Free Sunflower & Flaxseed Loaf


Purebread Rosemary Flattie Gluten Free


GFGC Bread Mix


GFGC Perfect Pastry Mix


GFGC Rich Cake & Biscuit Mix


GFGC Baking Soda (Currently out of stock)


GFGC Pancake, Pikelet & Waffle Mix


GFGC Date & Ginger Cake


GFGC Chocolate Cake


GFGC Fruit Cake


GFGC Baking Powder (out of stock)


Purebread Turkish Flattie Gluten Free


Purebread Corn & Seed Breadcrumbs Gluten Free


Purebread Gluten Free & Organic Breadcrumbs


Purebread Inca Gold Crunchies Gluten Free


Purebread Young Buck Gluten Free & Organic Buns


Purebread Garlic Flattie Gluten Free


Purebread Spicy Fruit, Gluten Free & Paleo


Purebread Vegan Young Buck Gluten Free & Paleo


Purebread Young Buck Gluten Free & Organic