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Jill Newman

N.D. N of NZ Naturopath

Hi there! I am Jill Newman. I am a practising Member of Naturopaths of NZ, since 1978 actually!

That’s when I graduated from the South Pacific College of Natural Therapeutics in Auckland.

Before then I was a member of the Bernard Jensen Health Club. He wrote many health books and manuals. “The Joy of Living” was the first one I read. He inspired me to change my way of life.

Judy McDonald

I’m Judy McDonald and I established The Gluten Free Goodies Company back in 2001, after I discovered I was gluten intolerant and needed to change my diet. I resorted to many months of experimenting with various combinations of flours and came up with the range I sold for several years and which is now marketed by Organic Purebread, who took the Gluten Free Goodies Company into their business in 2008.

I found that you do need different flour mixes for different purposes: that is why there are several different mixes in the Gluten Free Goodies range. What I have always aimed for is to produce good food that anyone can eat, which is not compromised in flavour or texture by being gluten free. I like cooking, and I want other people to enjoy my cooking too. The recipes on the website are ones that I have tried and tested on my friends and family over many years. I continue to experiment and adapt recipes and send new ones to Robert for addition to the collection. No-one can ever have too many recipes!

I hope you enjoy the recipes available on the site. Many of them don’t even require special ingredients, which allows you to get going with gluten free cooking without spending a fortune. Others do use our specific flour mixes, but we know they will work well and produce good results which you and your family will enjoy.