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Proud Members of Sustainable Business Network

We create food to sustain you and a business that sustains the environment. Sustainability has been a core part of the Bakehouse’s philosophy, from the very beginning. We’ve obtained biodegradable and recyclable packaging, use renewable energy and have removed preservatives from our food.
As a result the Paraoa Bakehouse won the prestigious SUPREME AWARD in the National Sustainable Business Network Awards in 2008.
Click to read the Press Release for our Sustainable Business Network Award from 2008.

2008 National Sustainable Business Net work Awards

Sustainable Business of the Year – Paraoa Backhouse

1000’s of kilos of great food, 1kg of waste – Sustainable Production at its best!

Every week we produce 1,000’s of kilograms of food products at the Bakery. Yet less than 1kg of that waste ends up at the landfill!!

Everything counts when you’re reducing waste and we agree with you. We use our leftovers too – as welcome fodder for the chickens, pigs, sheep and cattle on Robert’s 12 acre organic farm.

Delivering Sustainability – Our Transport Solution

Our bread delivery vehicle is one of the most efficient vehicles on the market. We use a modern Mercedes van which has the best emissions rating in Europe (Euro 4 rated) to decrease total emissions.

Purebread Supports Local Community

Locally, we donate to the Food Bank. We also give away flour sacks to people to reuse for firewood or pinecone sales, or as weed mats.

Recycle, Re-use, Re-forestation – Packaging by Purebread

We use recyclable packaging in most cases. When we can’t we try to find ways to re-use the packaging. Our Crunchy Granola Bags are reused to plant native trees that we gift back to schools as part of the Trees for Survival Programme.

Lower Carbon Footprint – Local Organic Suppliers

Just like you we are doing everything we can to lower our carbon footprint. We believe organic production is one of the most sustainable forms of food production and we’re proud to be supporting the local organic food industry.

This means that we are directly supporting local organic producers as well as using ingredients that have not been overly processed or transported.

Paraoa Bake House – the FARM

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