Sustainable to the Core

Purebread Supports Local Community

Locally, we donate to the Food Bank. We also give away flour sacks to people to reuse for firewood or pinecone sales, or as weed mats.

Fresh to your door

1000’s of kilos of great food, 1kg of waste

Sustainable Production at its best!


Every week we produce 1,000’s of kilograms of food products at the Bakery. Yet less than 1kg of that waste ends up at the landfill!!

Everything counts when you’re reducing waste and we agree with you. We use our leftovers too – as welcome fodder for the chickens, pigs, sheep and cattle on Robert’s 12 acre organic farm.

Delivering Sustainability 

Our Transport Solution


Our bread delivery vehicle is one of the most efficient vehicles on the market. We use a modern Mercedes van which has the best emissions rating in Europe (Euro 4 rated) to decrease total emissions.