Zucchini Cakes with Citrus Icing

Zucchini Cakes with Citrus Icing These are really good – not too sweet and nicely spiced. You can indeed usemedium sized marrows for this if the zucchinis have got away on you; I’ve done itand you can’t tell! Click here to buy the Gluten Free Goodies Company Cake & Biscuit Mix used in this recipe […]

Choosing the right Sunscreen

Commonsense Health Tip of the Month Choosing the Right Sunscreen It has long been known that we need to protect ourselves from the sun and at Commonsense, we sell sunscreens to help keep yourself and your family safe from potentially harmful UV rays. But due to the complex nature of the ingredients found in most […]

Four Reasons to Start Eating an Organic Diet

If you’re new to the organic diet, you can easily get overwhelmed and wonder why you’re switching in the first place. There are several great reasons you want to keep in mind when you’re switching to this healthy diet. No Pesticides – If your food isn’t certified as being organic, it was most likely grown with […]

How Purebread Products Can Help

Now that you know what organic food is and four great reasons to make the switch, we’ll tell you why you should choose Purebread products.Purebread has a large line of delicious and healthy organic products available for our customers to try. Whether you want to try cereals, spreads, breads, baking products or sweets, we have […]

Switch to Purebread Products and Enjoy a Healthier Lifestyle 

The past several years have seen a huge influx in the number of people who are taking charge of their health and switching to healthier food and snack options. The organic food market has exploded in popularity, and more people are starting to join in the movement. At Purebread, we’re all about organic products that […]

Lemon Yoghurt Cake

Lemon Yoghurt Cake A nice tangy cake, not too sweet, and good as a dessert. Dust with icing sugar and serve with ice cream or whipped cream if using as a dessert, or just on its own with a tea or coffee. Click here to buy the Gluten Free Goodies Company Cake & Biscuit Mix used […]

Raspberry Almond Cake

Raspberry Almond Cake This raspberry almond cake is delicious, easy to make, and something the whole family will enjoy! Click here to purchase the GFGC Cake and Biscuit mix to use in this recipe.   Directions 1Preheat oven to 180°C. Line the bottom of a 23cm round springform pan with paper. 2Combine raspberries and brown sugar […]


Minestrone This is adapted from a Jamie Oliver recipe. It’s really tasty, easy to make and feeds a lot of people. One important thing is to cook the pasta separately and run it under cold water to stop the cooking process when it’s at the stage of toothiness you prefer. Then you just put some […]

May In The Vegie Patch – Sow

Old sacks protect direct sown greencrop seed for faster germination and bird protection Direct sow Greencrops – lupins, broadbeans, phacelia, wheat, oats, mustard or barley. Kings Seeds Autumn Manure Mix is awesome. Grow as many greencrops as you can fit. Here’s how to sow a greencrop. Corn salad and miners lettuce – sweet little winter/ […]