Gardening Tips


Gardening Tips

July In The Vegie Patch


I’m not the only one who loves winter. Some legumes are good with it and so are alliums, brassica’s, chard, endive, parsley and all manner of leafy greens. Salads and beetroot survive it, but very slowly so best get them under cover from now on in.

Leafy greens abound – chard, spinach, parsley, kale, chickweed, cress, miners lettuce, endive, chicory and rocket. Bok choy, broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage ripen at steady intervals and we pick away at the stash of leeks, carrots, parsnips and yams that store so well in cold winter soils. Celery, beetroot, coriander, bok choy, gai lan and salads galore grow in the protection of the greenhouse.

Yip, I’d say July’s pretty bountiful. Worth a bit of late summer/ autumn legwork don’t you think!


Direct sow

  • Greencrops after brassicas
  • Mizuna
  • Rocket

Tray Sow

Direct or Tray Sow

  • Broadbeans
  • Spinach, coriander, bok choy and beetroot in the greenhouse, unless it’s warmer at your place than it is at mine and you can send these outside.


  • Broadbeans, peas and brassicas
  • Garlic, spring onions, shallots, potato onions, red or brown onions
  • Asparagus
  • Horseradish – under fruit trees is a great place for this keen grower
  • Salads, bok choy or beetroot outside or in the greenhouse depending on your climate + soil

July Jobs

Create new gardens. Make it easy on yourself with a no dig beginning – there is no better start than a home made compost.

Gather OM (organic matter). Do your monthly forage for seaweed, manure, leaves, pond weed, old hay – what ever your neighbourhood can spare. You can never have enough!

Divide herbs and perennials and spread them far and wide throughout your garden to strengthen your soil, retain water, increase your biodiversity, your homemade mulch supply and bee fodder.

Sort your seed stocks and make sure you have plenty of greencrops, flowers, greenhouse crops, spring crops and all your favourites because next month we get back into seed sowing.


Click here to read the full article from the Edible Backyard  


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