Gardening Tips


Gardening Tips

June In The Vegie Patch


I’m not the only one who loves winter. Some legumes are good with it and so are alliums, brassica’s, chard, endive, parsley and all manner of leafy greens. Salads and beetroot survive it, but very slowly so best get them under cover from now on in.


Direct sow

  • Lupin greencrops after heavy feeders like broccoli. Mix with a few others like phacelia, mustard, daikon, calendula – whatever you have to hand.
  • Mizuna
  • I sow rocket and coriander in the greenhouse from now on in, but if its warm enough at yours – get some outside.

Tray Sow

  • Peas and snowpeas into plug trays or toliet rolls
  • A mixture of brassicas to keep dinners varied – broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, collards for example.
  • Spring onions, red or brown onions

Direct or Tray Sow

  • Broadbeans
  • Spinach, bok choy and beetroot, in the warmth of the greenhouse if needs be.


  • Broadbeans, peas
  • Broccoli, cabbage, cauli and collard greens for a super handy spring crop.
  • Garlic, spring onions, shallots, potato onions, red onions or brown onions
  • Spinach, beetroot, saladings, bok choy, gari lan in the greenhouse
  • Asparagus crowns. Visit your local asparagus grower to purchase.

Winter Missions

Winter provides an opportunity to do all the stuff you wish you had time for through those busy growing/ preserving seasons. Dividing and planting out perennials, finding cool fun new perennials, making new bedsplanting trees, shaking up your garden layout, building fences, sorting drainage, scoring organic matter, organising hoses – all the stuff that makes our gardens better.

Indulge yourself. Re-organise your patch, give those improvements wings while there is sod all to do in the vegie patch.

Click here to read the full article from the Edible Backyard  


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